Help my buddies out if you can 

I've been on this forum since '01. Created an account in '03. I have never shared a GFM on this forum largely because of the scammers and the drama these threads usually create. 


This is not for me. These are two guys I have known for over ten years. They are brothers who have probably had the toughest cards dealt in a row to them I've seen in my lifetime. In the Navy, Dana was exposed to some type of radiation that they are suspecting caused his cancer today. 

Dana also took a 30 foot fall and broke his fall with his head before the cancer. He was in a coma for quite a while and had a brain injury that has made it difficult for him to work (and honestly it completely changed his personality) 

His brother Andrew stepped in and had Dana live with him. Andrew takes care of the bills and works his ass off to support his brother and himself. 

Now Andrew just had liver failure (from my understanding it’s not from drinking. it’s from a disease he has. He has always had to eat a specific diet and pretty much can’t have sodium) and had to have a transplant while his brother Dana is undergoing chemo for his cancer. Their GFM is very close to the goal and if anyone could help them out, I would greatly appreciate it.

They just lost their house while in the hospital. Dana more or less gave away or sold all their stuff so they could move in with a relative while they wait for Andrew to get out and get back on his feet. 

They are going to have to restart from square one. 

If you can help out, awesome. If not, no big deal. Just thought I'd share this.