Help, my computer is jacked up!!!

When I boot up, I get nothing on my monitor. I get an error message from the monitor stating that I show check to see if my cable is attached. So, its not the monitor that is the problem.

I can't seem to boot from my recovery CD either.



why are you asking for help from engineers?

you should know better than that by now. ;)

on a more serious note, yes, it could be your monitor, or the video card.

check to see if there are any broken pins or adapters clogged with junk in your monitor cable and video card.

if you have onboard (motherboard) video and are overriding it with a video card, try removing the video card and use onboard video.

try swapping monitors.

if you can swap video cards, try that.

its onboard video...

I am thinking about installing a new video card.. ??


that could work, get a cheap one and try it.

try swapping monitors first, though.

I don't think it is the monitor, because...

a) the monitor shows a message that it is working

b) the monitor is less than 6 months old.

I figure I will put a $99 video card in there and see what happens.


The monitor itself could be fine, but your cable or adapter could have issues. I could be wrong, but I think the messages that come from a disconnected monitor are from the monitor itself, not the computer.

If you have an old monitor that you can slap on there real quick it would probably be an easy test to rule out the monitor before swapping out the vid card.

Just a thought.

If the self test is coming up its not the monitor. Get a new vid card and turn off the integrated vid in bios.

does ur PC boot at all, try another monitor to, also if the video card or monitor dont work

ive seen cases where its a ram or motherboard problem

can u see anything on boot up or just montior self test?

it doesn't boot up at all. Even with a new vid card...