help my pathetic sissy jab

actually my jab is fairly quick and solid, but i've been told i turn my elbow out too much when i throw it. why is this bad? it seems to generate more power. is there a counter it opens up that i'm not seeing?

it leaves your ribs open, and when your opponent sees your elbow come up, he knows you're about to throw the jab

plus its harder to see. Mo Smith has a stiff jab and he just lets it come straight out as if someone was pulling on his fist

thnx guys, i'll try and see if i can get more pop without flailing my elbow out. i don't do much bag work due to wrist injuries.

I know just what you mean about the bag. I have two bad wrists myself.

heres the solution and it WORKS.

Spend a week jabbing with your thumb up, your elbow CANNOT go out. Then switch to jabbing normally again.

Wallah no problems.

good idea. I actually do that a fair bit already because of Wing Chun