Help! Need to Create bootable disk

Hi guys,

I need some help. I need to create a bootable disk throught dos to update my bios on my new tablet. I have the files to do it, but have no idea how to create the disc to work when the cpu starts up. Any suggestions. I was told there are programs out there that will do this.


If you are asking how to make a bootable floppy.. at the command prompt type FORMAT A:/S then add your files.

cant u go to a win98 computer and create the bootable disk there?

Yes. Go to add/remove programs click on the startup disk tab, click on create disk.

What I need to do is create a bios update using a cd rom. I have the bios files, but don't know how to create the disc. I was told it has to be in a true dos format to work on Windows XP. I can't do it with a 3.5 floppy cause I don't have a drive on my cpu. Any suggestions? I have NEro to create the CD as well.


It works in most cd creation software but the floppy from which you created the bootable cd has to be bootable.

Merely copying the files won't work.

The true test is to copy you files to a floppy and make sure you can boot another machine from a floppy.

One more thing.........

Many bios flashing programs prefer you DrDos instead of MS dos.