Can someone PLEASE tell me how to get in touch with Karl Gotch?

I'm gathering the FACTS to find out if in fact Matt Furey is guilty of consumer fraud and deceptive trade practices.

If the facts point in this direction I plan on filing a complaint with the State Attorney Generals office (Consumer Fraud Division)and if he's in violation I'm considering a lawsuit and possibly a class action lawsuit.

Please don't post opinions of Furey, I need FACTS that would lead one to believe that he's scamming people.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If this guy is a phony and is scamming people, let's put him out of business!


Grappling Joe


good luck

If the guys a phony then don't buy or use his products. God knows I have.

What's the deal w/him?

He is full of it, but so is half the world.

Taking him to court is just as ridiculous as fat people taking McDonalds to court.

Good Luck....

"kansetsuwaza" has apparently never been scammed or someone has not YET gotten deep enough in his pockets to justify a lawsuit.

According to the Attorney Generals Office, if he's scamming people through deception about his credentials a lawsuit will not be necessary anyway, because after they finish with him, he will not be in business anyway.

Please re-read my original post. IF IF IF IF, there's evidence of deceptive trade practices I'll pursue a complaint.

I've had NO ONE to date give me a legitimate piece of evidence to show he's a fraud, phony, scammer, etc.

I've got a lot of money tied up in Matt's tapes and IF he's lied about his credentials to get sales, then I plan on doing something about it.

Sometimes it's the principle involved, not the money.

Maybe Kansetsuwaza hasn't gotten fat enough yet to justify a lawsuit with McDonalds. I wonder if he'd complain if he found a pubic hair in his burger? Ah! Never! That would be ridiculous!

"One man doing something is better than a million men doing nothing!"

I totally agree with you GrapplingJoe, sometimes it takes somebody like you to make a change. I think kansetsuwaza is just saying that it isnt worth the time and effort to go after Furey, when people can just stop buying his products. It just depends upon which philosophy you adhere to. Personally, I have been known to "blow things out of proportion" on several occasions, simply because I got tired of shit, and wanted to see something done. I think that going main stream with cases like this, would lead to an increased amount of accountability on the part of some of these so-called "experts" out there, with black-belts that they bought from Wal-Mart.


What's your e-mail?


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