Help on an arm injury

Hey guys. I'm havin a problem with my arm that I can't figure out, so I was hopin that some of our resident experts could help me out.

For about a day now (well since I woke up this morning), my arm has been tingling with pins and needles like it's asleep. Though the tingling is not quite as severe as if it were asleep, they are there, and constant. The tingling seems confined to my left hand, and seems to remain all below the wrist.

I'm far from an expert, but I think that it's either a problem with circulation, or a nerve problem. I often wake up at night with my arm, or arms "asleep" and completely numb, but that's usually because I get my arm pinned underneath of me while sleeping, so I don't think that's a sign of poor circulation. Also, no other extremities are experiencing this symptom.

I think it is probably a nerve thing, because I trained yesterday and got caught in a couple rough omoplatas, kimuras, americanas, armbars and a chickenwing all on that arm. My shoulder and upper arm on the same arm is sore, and pretty tender, specifically when I raise it out to the side. I have no noticable loss of strength either.

If any of ya'll have any clue what this could be, please let me know, and if you know how to correct it, that would definitely be appreciated as well.

Thanks guys.


any neck pain?

it could be shoulder impingement if your getting pain raising your arm out to the side.

No, no neck pain. A friend of mine said he thinks it sounds like a pinched nerve. I'm going to head to the campus health clinic if it isn't better tomorrow.

Thanks for the help.

I had the exact same symptoms last month after resisting
a key lock too vigorusly. Hopfully it will diminish in a few weeks as mine did. I figured it for nerve impingement in my shoulder.

That reminds me. I once heard in a lecture that the first chiropractor of record was a guy who cured a Phayro's (sp") son in ancient Egypt of paralyisis in his left hand with a neck adjustment.