Help Seaching for Record

Does anyone know were I can find world records for Benchpress. Particularly seniors 60-65. Thanks

Also is there one overall world record or is it only through an association like APA?

I bet Powerlifting Watch has the legit records all listed on there. I never looked though so I'm guessing.

Also, there is like 100 federations.

Ya thats gonna be tough to find. If your talking single ply then check out the IPF website.

If you are talking raw like you should be then thats gonna be even harder to find. Maybe check out the raw powerlifting fed website. They will have records for that age group but they wont be that strong of lifts.

I am talking about Raw. I'm trying to find out for my dad. He's 63 and 220lbs. He already has some florida records but I'm trying to find something that is more legit. The APA record for his age and weight is only like 300lbs raw and tonight I just saw him put that up 8 times. He has world record breaking potential. His last competition he put up 430 with a shirt on, but that was a couple years ago.

His dumbell curls are really strong as well.

Thats very strong for his age and size.

There is just not that much out there for him though. The highest bench by a 60 year old man just doesnt mean much to anyone. He should really just keep entering open meets and make the young guys look bad.

Good luck

Not to hijack this thread...

 I just took a quick look for the raw record and noticed it said Scott M did 715 for  a raw bench press. It is funny that with a shirt these guys are pressing over 1000 lbs but the raw record has barely gone up at all. I remember back in the 1980s Ted Arcidi put up 705, raw.


Ya some dont even call Mendelsons 715 legit. There wasn't much of a pause if any. Most will say that James Henderson has the biggest bench of all time, over 700 with a big pause.

Still crazy impressive though. I think this year there are only a couple benches over 600 in comp.