Help solve a problem

Hey gang,
Quick question.

In our BJJ class we have a guy that outweighs me by 70+ pounds, a HUGE weight-lifter type. I know he's gonna just crush me but...he always takes me down and I land on bottom in half guard (nearly EVERY time). He just wraps up under my head/neck and squeezes...the pressure is just f'ing SCARY.

Is there a simple solution or do I just ask him to knock it off?

Hope I don't sound like too much of a wuss but the first time it happened I thought my head would pop like a pimple.

Thanks in advance.

get some space - I like to use saulo's half guard (same as the z-guard) where you are on your side in half guard; the bottom leg is hooking the opponents leg while the top leg is in front of his stomach so you can "push" him away if you need space. Also, use you bottom hand to block the opponents arm from going around your head by controlling his bicep. Once he gets your head, he can put a lot of pressure and lay you out flat on your back, neutralizing the half guard position.


I will make sure to pair up with him tomorrow & give this a shot. Your last sentence is EXACTLY what happens.

here is a pic of forum member andre in the half guard position I mentioned. leg on the insdie to get space, bottom hand on the bicep so he doesn't trap your head.

Inserting your knee like that helps a lot. You might do good to learn the basics of the half guard - and just the basics of BJJ in general. But you didn't say wich arm he's using to hold your head? I mean, if you've trapped his right leg, which arm of his is he using to hold your head? That makes a world of difference.

You're right, I'm still working on the basics. Just getting back into it, not much experience then out a while with an injury.

Anyway, I believe he's wrapping the arm opposite of the leg I catch.

Thanks again.

"Anyway, I believe he's wrapping the arm opposite of the leg I catch."

In that case mchapman's comments is right on the spot.