Help to move Portland, Orego

is this a trick question?

get in a truck and drive.

There is a homeless shelter right across the burnside bridge as you come into downtown.

I don't get this question, you look for cheap apartments, you move in with a bunch of roomates, etc... Living cheap is living cheap no matter what particular place you move to.

You musta hit rock bottom to wanna move to Portland Oregon.

big_slacker, do you live in Portland?

big_slacker, do you live in Portland? If so you know anyone looking for a roommate?

The cheapest area of Portland to live is probably North Portland but it's pretty ghetto.

As it's referred to "No'th Po'tland." It's where the 17 black people in Oregon live.

The goes Probst with his anti-Pacific Northwest cynicism again! Damn you to hell! I mean....we PNW natives ARE damned to hell!

Screw it, I'm moving to Portland, too.

I'll check back on this thread later to learn how....

If you're going to buy a house move to Vancouver.

Move to Vancouver if you wanna live in the white trashiest town in Washington. Maybe on a good day you can get wiff of delicious shit smell wafting in from the paper mill in Camden.

"the paper mill in Camden"


You mean Camas...

Camas, my mistake. Why the hell was I thinking Camden?

I grew up in "NoFeast" portland. LOL@the 17 black people comment. Oregon is pretty white, but NE (at least when I lived there) was just plain ghetto. Rent is cheap though. ;)

Sorry, I moved out of that hole, don't know anyone who needs roomies.

Get in touch with the guys at Team Quest, there are a number of fighters who may know of someone needing a roomate.

Moving to the Vancouver Wa. side of the Columbia river is cheaper rent/house payment.

Don't know about the roommate thing but maybe this will help:

Having lived in Yelm, Seattle, Oly and Pullman, and spent plenty of time in Idaho and Oregon, I would easily rank Portland as the BEST city in the PNW.

1) There are fifty strip clubs, and few if any charge a cover. It's something due to lax zoning regs, and as a result, you basically can go to a ton of bars where naked women are and PAY THE SAME FOR BEER YOU WOULD ANYWHERE ELSE. 'Tis a gift from God.

2) My friend Brandon Brown lives there. He owns The Boom Boom Room (one of the strip clubs) and The Big Green Tube, and constantly parties with strippers. He is the most serious lady killer I've ever met and every time I go out with him complete damange is wreaked on all females. He's a horrible person. Tell him Probst sent you and he'll set you up .

3) The Women. For some reason, Portland has a HUGE population of attractive, slim, sexy 20-something females, and after living in the SoCal Sausage Fest I was stunned to go to numerous bars and see something I would NEVER see (at least not longer than three minutes) - tables of six and eight attractive girls drinking beers completely unbothered by dudes. It's because there are so many of them, and they are way cooler, clever and laid back.

4) Ethos. Portland is what Seattle would've been if Microsoft and Boeing hadn't turned it into a commuter hell hole. Portland doesn't give a fuck about Seattle or anything else...they simply are Portland and you can take it or leave it.

5) Beer. Oh my god, the beer. After having lived in Cali for the last 8 years, and suffering with the shit-heel excuses for "microbrews" that pass here, my time drinking in the PNW and Portland is much missed. If you get the chance to go there in summer, try Hale's Honey Wheat, a harvest beer that leaves a honey spot on your tounge and goes down like malted candy. It'll change your life.

Of course it rains a lot and people either kill themselves or train MMA, but that's another issue.

Don't have room for another roomate, but I'm sure someone around here does.

Portland is the place to be if for no other reason than TEAM QUEST. If you're an MMA fan, and especially if you train, there's not many places (if any) that are better. Awesome place to train, meet and talk to fighters, and watch some awesome fights. We have two local promotions in the Portland area and several others not too far away in Washington and Oregon.

Don't beleive what he's saying about Portland women, the northwest is notrious for producing ugly people. The beer is extremely good there though and if your living near the Gresham area training at Team Quest can't be beat.

The weather will seriously make you suicidal though.

You also have Matt Thornton's SBG gym.