help w/ connecting 4 xboxes

hey i was wondering if any of you guys out there has connected four xbox's for 8 on 8 halo???

we've been connecting two but are throwing around the idea of getting two more xbox's.

i know i need to use a hub but, what brand and what kind of hub would i need to use?????

thanks for any suggestions!

Yeah, just a router. We do it all the time @ church. Team slayer and CTF are quite cool with 16 peeps.

just a router? any specific brand ???

should i look on ebay for one or just go to radio shack?

thanks a lot!


Almost all D-link routers work and both them and Linksys are about the same quality although I have had better luck with D-Link.

thanks for the suggestions guys.

i was looking on ebay and was wondering if this would be good to get.

i'd like to know what you guys think of that.

thanks again!

i bought a 20 dollar hub at best buy. works perfect.

make sure to remember that your xbox link cables are crossover cables, and will not work to link 4 xboxs together.

just got back from radio shack.. they had a linksys one for forty bucks.

i'm leaning more towards that one from ebay that i posted.

any advice?

thanks guys.