Help w/ Oral Board

Does anyone have advice?



Thank you for the good suggestions.

Much appreciated

What agency?

Campus PD

The agency I work for uses one patrol officer on each oral board I have sat on a few. They will use good cop bad cop. They will ask questions to make you uncomfortable and try to get you to change your initial answer. Take your time, look them in the eye, tell the truth, and don't change your answers. Hope this helps.

One big thing I tell everyone...Don't lie, at all. I know it sounds like a
given but so many people think that something they did wrong as a
18,19,20 year old will cancel them out (ex drink and drive). The board will
appreciate honesty and sincerity more than excuses or deceit. by the way,
mine was almost three hours long.

Just wanted to thank everyone for these tips, I have my panel interview coming in about a month and these tips are very helpful. I'm scared as shit

Take your time when you answer a question. A lot of guys get nervous and think they need to answer right away and then stumble through something that is kind of incoherent. When you are asked a question, think about your answer before giving it.

Make eye contact w/board members. Don't act like you are afraid of them, have some confidence in how you present yourself. Sit up straight, don't fiddle w/your hands or play w/a pen etc.

Don't show up late (you would think that is a given, but you would be surprised). If you don't know the area, go the day before and figure out where you will park, where the door to the building is etc.

Give honest answers. Don't try and BS you way through or give answers you think they want to hear. Tell the truth. Yeah everyone wants to do LE to help people, blah blah blah. They will hear that a thousands times. Think about why you are in that room putting yourself through the process and give an honest answer, what inspired you to pursue a career in LE. That is the real stuff that boards like. Remember most of the guys you will be applying w/will probably be similiar, so what sets you apart. What makes one of the board members remember you (in a positive way you hope) and think you would be a welcome addition to the department.