Help w/ Paulson tape list plz

If someone could help me fill in the blanks here I'd appreciate it. I'm trying to get all of Erik's tapes. If you see something missing please tell me.


Killer Leglocks 1,2,3

Chicken Wings 1 and 2

Quick Kills

CSW Seminar tape 2000

CSW Stand up 1 and 2 seminar 2001

CSW Triangles 1 and 2 seminar 2001

Tackles,Takedowns and throws

Tackles, Takedowns,Throws and Counters

Vale Tudo training

Game Development

The Mount

Armbars 1-6

Best Defense 1-5

CSW Essentials 1-5

Motion Master Ground Bag Drills

STX Kickboxing (hopefully coming soon)

you can contact Erik Paulson directly at : or

he will be able to tell you what info you are missing.

thank you

think he has a triangles tape (or 2) also

I think I have a clinch vid I don't see on there... might be on one of the titles above... have to check when I go home.


You are welcome, Erik is a very nice guy and he will e-mail you back


i believe he also has a csw coaches syllabus