help with a name

I'm starting a stage combat troupe that will be doing demonstrations of lightsaber combat at comic cons & sci fi cons, with short skits & one act plays featuring Sith, Jedi, and lots of lightsaber combat.

But I need a name for the troupe. Got any suggestions?

Bundle of sticks? Phone Post 3.0

Virgins R Us

Dorks on Patrol?


Gays on Parade? Melee Faggots? Play-Fighting Fucktards?

The Saber Troupe Tigers


Saber Dance!

Nerds Banging Plastic Toys Together.

This was like a slow pitch from a teenage girl to Babe Ruth.

In for the gold... LOL

The troupe of force?

Neckbeard Phone Post 3.0

We battle our Sticks. WBOS Phone Post 3.0

Han Shot First
12 Parsecs

Parent's Basement

Is 'Bronies' taken?

Abstinence By "Choice" Phone Post 3.0

Tip Touchers Troupe

Rattle Our Sabers

The MASSIVE Homosexuals

Goof troop

Nerds of the round table

Geek squad Phone Post 3.0