Help with a situation please guys!

Ok, I need some help/advise for a guard problem. There's a purple belt driving me mad with this. I am in his guard. He takes one grip on the outside of my knee (usually my left leg) with his right hand, and with his left, he takes a four finger inside grip inside my left collar (same side for both grips). Then he just waits and frustrates the shit outta me. He uses his left forearm up under my throat alot as I try things. Eventually I end up standing and attacking his throat, but he either gets me in bother with sweeps, or once he defends his neck he goes right back to his grips. This goes on until I get so frustrated I end up trying anything to pass, usually resulting in poor posture and a flower sweep. Any suggestions/ideas for me to try would be mucho appreciated. Andre, anyone? Help please!!

Rainman, you either have to break his grip then grab that sleeve and stand to break his guard, or you have to bob your head under his grip to ruin it and then stand and open the guard. Dont try to stand or do anything until you have broken that grip. Dont worry about the grip on your knee unless he also controls your opposite sleeve.

Once you break his grip, dont let him regrip. Control that sleeve and stand to break.

Thanks Andre..but just to mean I break his collar grip, control that sleeve and stand, ignoring his knee grip?

Also, he does sometimes switch to a knee and sleeve grip, what's the best starting point for that?

Sorry, not trying to get a private here :-)  but that knee grip seems to affect my game alot! Really appreciate your help.

Rainman, yeah, break the grip on the collar. Thats the really dangerous one. The one on the leg is annoying, but he really only has a couple of sweeps from there and they both involve controlling your other sleeve.

When he does switch to the knee and sleeve (so his right hand is gripping your left knee and his left hand is gripping your right sleeve), you have to be careful with your base to avoid him sweeping you toward your right. I would regrip his sleeve (the one that is holding your sleeve), protect my base by shifting my weight to my left side, and stand up to break the guard.

I hope it makes sense...hard to explain online.

Nope it makes prefect sense, and you're right, in the knee/sleeve grip combo you descibe, I usually get swept to my right as you say. I just needed to make sure i got my starting point right and now I know what I should be doing I can work from there now. Cheers, much appreciated.

You may try pulling his lapels out of his belt, then use his right lapel in your left hand to trap his arm, pinning it to his side. Then raise your self up off the floor, lifting his hips up at the same time and pass his lapel underneath his body, pulling his trapped right arm with it, and pass the lapel to your right arm. Go back down to your knees, posture up, then use your left arm on one of his right knee to break him open and pass. Works really well also, if you are having a tough time standing

omoplata - thanks, but i tried this already and when he has a good grip of my knee i can't get space between our hips for the knee up. Even using the belt and head down approach!

Ajm - that sounds like a very good option, i will give it a go. To be honest, I am only just rolling lightly after 6 months due to a bad neck injury, so I am far from sharp and fit, but I like the sound of this option. Thanks