Help with armbar from mount...?

I'm having trouble executing the armbar from the mounted position. I'm having difficulty bringing my leg around smoothly, over and across my opponent's head.

Let's assume I'm going for my opponent's right arm. Can anyone give me some helpful advice? Thanks.

Make sure your weight is in your arms, not your ass. Lean over his arms so that you arent falling back as you pass your legs, and have the foot that goes over his head coast just above (or even slightly slide across) the mat as you pass it over his head. Make sure that when you fall back, your hips are still close to his shoulder and that you fall all the way back until you are flat. Dont remain sitting up or else he can defend by grabbing his arm.

I'd like to know how to get into the smount better too.  I get it sometimes but I'd love to be able to get it everytime I mount.  It's such a good control.

Buy the first Tools of the Trade DVD from Greenwhale. On it, Sean Williams gives a really great demo of how to do the S-mount armbar. He shows some details I haven't seen anywhere else, and this is pretty much the only way I go for mounted armlocks these days.

What's the S-Mount? Can someone explain to me?

Obviously it is hard to get s-mount if his arms on by his sides and close to the mat where it prevents you from getting the angle. You can't fill the space if it isn't there.

Some guys grab arm or shoulder and try to muscle it up and transition into s-mount with the space created after lifting the arm. This requires some strength and obviously telegraphs the arm bar.

I prefer to have the guy raise his arms for me himself so I don't have to fight with him. This can be done two ways.

1. Ask him politely to raise his arm(s).

2. Attack his neck with a gi choke.

Number two works best for me. If he is so stubborn that he will not raise his arms to defend the gi choke then just continue choking until he submits.

I've found that it's hard to defend your neck and your arms at the same time. Make his choose and then attack what is vulnerable. It's easier to defend the arm bar when that is all that is being threatened. Give him more than one problem to face and don't fight with him just take what isn't being defended.

I used to train with Shawn a lot, his s-mount is good. I've seen the green video too, I guess I'm just frustrated that it seems hard to get it established sometimes.  Once established I almost always get the neck or arm.  Saulo showed it good but I still feel like I'm missing something.  Shaw's demo really did show how to lean the weight well once you have the position.  He's very technical.

Yeah JR - I've had this technique taught to me as part of climbing up the body from a low mount/grapevine position, but when I'm already high up on his body, I prefer not to do this b/c it doesn't threaten anything else...It's just forcing into the position you want. I have a lot of success w/RealPosition's suggestion.

The other downside to your way is that it really only allows you to get s-mount from one side. If you go for the gi choke and tries to roll, you can catch him...either side. Just don't focus on going to one side - be ready for either way.

Thanks andre. Can we get back to my original topic please?

I have flexibility issues myself. As long as I keep my weight on the guy, keep his arm stretched to me, and lean across him and toward his feet, there is no problem bringing the leg around before going backward.

Something to add to Andre's post:
as you sit back, pull your heels hard to your butt. this keeps your hips closer to his shoulder. most new people seem to have a problem doing this.

You can definately set it up using the hand in the collar. I like to have my right hand in his right collar. As he defends with his right hand, his elbow comes up a little bit. I use my left hand and push it over a little if I need to but the main goal is to get my left knee to his head. My right leg STRAIGHTENS AND THEN CURLS under his far arm. My right heel is to his head, my right knee is pointing to his hips. That's the S mount. I hook his arm and LEAN HARD to his hips. This makes life miserable for him. all my weight is on my thigh and in his ribs. This also makes my left leg really light and easy to pass over his head. You can lay back from there.


Many good tips on this thread. The armbar from the mount or north south is probably my highest percentage submission. Here are my best setups:

  1. If you have the gi on you can combine the armbar with the standard collar choke from the mount. Make sure that after you've grabbed his first collar, you switch to the mount variation where you've got one leg up (the standard counter to your opponent turning sideways; some guys call this technical mount or even side mount). Saulo does a good description of this move on his gi set.

The next setups are when you don't have a gi on, although they also work with the gi:

  1. From low mount I grab around his head and attack with the fist choke. Basically I grind the fist of my arm that isn't hooking his head into the side of his neck. I combine that with trying to underhook his arm with my choking arm, walking my hand up the mat to drive his arm upwards, so I can set up a side choke or a keylock. After doing this for a few seconds, the guy usually panicks because it's really uncomfortable. At this point he's likely to move both elbows up so he can use both arms to defend your attacks. When he does, quickly slide both your knees up into his armpit so you have the high mount. Make sure that your high mount is really high. You want his arms to be raised high, not just a little. From there it's very easy to switch to the s-mount and then attack with an armbar.

  2. Here I'm sitting on his stomach and my posture is upright. I start driving one of my fists in his throat (grinding my fists back and forth helps, although there might be gyms or competitions out there that don't allow that). He will probably try to grab your arm and upa you. As soon as he tries to grab your arm, jerk it back quickly and now switch arms - drive your OTHER fist into his throat. Do this alternatively while at the same time walking your knees up towards his armpits and into the high mount. You'll be AMAZED how simple and effective this is. I use it all the time now. Christ Graugart, purple belt and the head coach for SBGi Denmark taught me this stuff. He calls it his "summer game" while I call it "the fist of fury" ;)

  3. I switch from mount to knee on stomach. Many times guys will accedentally put one of their arms in a position to be kimura-ed (by pushing on my knee and leaving a gap between the ribs and the crook of their elbow, even skilled guys if they're tired. I immedially grab their wrist, drop down into side control, get a kimura grip, switch to north south and finish with an armbar.

Have a nice one!


Are you still at Renzos? If you are ask Danaher about his and Shawns arm bar set ups from the mount. He will show you this sick series of set ups.

One way I like to get the S mount is to start from the pancake mount. Your opponent will try to block the choke by keeping his arms tight to his body, and will have his hands up by his chin. When your opponent is in this position being in the pancake mount stops him from rolling you over.

This is what you need to do:

1)Slide your arm under his elbow, and touch your elbow to the ground. Your arm should be tight to his body to walk his arm up.

2)Slowly walk your fingers up the mat towards his head.

3) Every quarter of the way while walking your hands up, you need to extend your arm up while keeping your hand flat. This will force his arm up out of the defensive position. Continue to do this until his arm is almost in a pillow choke position.

4) While doing all of this, you will slowly be moving back up to a regular a mount; then into an S mount.

I hate describing moves in written form. I hope you understood what is here.

Thanks Prim8  I think I got it.  I actually got some great advice from my instructor last night on this.  I'm in PA at a Renzo/Ricardo affiliate.  Anyway, he showed me some good tricks. I didn't get to practice them though and won't until Tuesday.  Damn it.  But it was pretty much what you said.

I've moved so I don't get to the NYC academy much, maybe I will for Rillion's seminar, I still talk to Renzo a lot but try not to bring up moves and be a pain in the ass hahaha.   Actually, a good friend of mine said he just took a lesson with Danaher ...and it was awesome of course.  If I see John soon I will be sure and get his smount options.

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Prim8, what is the pillow choke?



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