Help with Brazil vacation

Hey guys, Im going to take a vacation with my wife to Brazil for carnival 05. I need help with places to stay, Ill be there for 15 days, needs to be safe and reasonable in price. Also places to train while there and things to do and see besides carnival, remember Ill be there before carnival starts and after its over. thanks in advance


will do thks

I live in Rio, so I can give you some suggestions.
Rio is a big city, so the first thing to decide is where you want to stay.

Do you prefer a hotel, or a flat? If you're staying for 15 days, a flat will be cheaper. A flat will have a small kitchen and living room, and you get better rates than hotels if you stay longer periods.

Do you want to be near the nicest beach, or near the nicest bars/clubs?

There are great places to train all over the city, so when you decide where you want to stay, you can choose where you want to train.

There are a million things to do besides Carnival, so that will be the least of your worries.

Hey bro, send me a email, I can help you out.


i stayed in Barra .....i loved it....!! hey mauricio whats the nicest beach ? and where are the nicest bars/clubs ?

Barra is wher I would stay, "Barra Leme" ApartHotel is great.
I have a friend that organizes trips to Brazil and stuff. Send me a email and I'll put you in touch with him. The nicest club in Barra is called "Nuth", people can be a little more stuck up there than other places, "Quebra Mar" is kind of guetto, but a lot of fun, its the place right at the end of Barra where the channel comes in to the ocean, you'll know what I'm talking about when you see it, to the left of "Barra Leme" if you're facing the ocean.
Ipanema is cool also, stay away from Copacabana unless you're looking for transexual hookers and thieves.



"stay away from Copacabana unless you're looking for transexual hookers and thieves. "

And Barry Manilow made it sound so appealing..

LOL! Copacabana is really nasty at night, I suggest people to stay away unless they want to find some trouble, there are also a bunch a hookers walking around there and whore house's and stuff, but scary part is a lot of them are man!

P.S: Hyenna is know by name when he walks the streets of Copacabana! LOL!


If you stay in Barra (my favorite section of rio), don't stay at the "Barra Leme". I was in Brazil for 6 months and my first month was there..........they fucking suck. i prepayed the fuckers for a month and a week and a half later they had 5 brazilians in havianas flip flops jack hammering my balcony off at 9 a.m. sharp and i about shit my pants. it's pretty funny now that I look back, but i was really fucking pissed then. they never gave me reperations, but then again......this is brazil we are talking about.

but the "barra beach" flat is a 5 minute walk down the beach from "barra leme" and it is super nice........not to mention that it is directly accross from "Post 2" or "pepe beach". prices do go up during remember that. gracie barra is a 5 minute walk from there too.

"...unless you're looking for transexual hookers..."

not really. the transexual hookers are in "Lapa", not so much "copa". copa fucking rocks bro.........go and check it out yourself

LOL! Barra Beach is cool also, you just happen to be at Barra Leme when they had construction. The good thing about Barra Leme is that you can bring "guests" to spend the night ;) a lot places won't let you do that, it sucks!
And yes, Lapa has more of those freaks, but Copacabana has a bunch also, don't fool yourself.

Regardless you'll have a great time in Rio.


I stayed in a hotel at copacabana. It was simply amazing. Yes lots of transvestites and stuff but no problems what so ever.

By the way I was 14 when I went, so about 6 years ago.

Kind of funny. He never said he was going to Rio.

Sao Paulo offers a huge carnaval, quality training, and roughly... ohhhh... 6 times the nightlife.

Also, Salvador, up in Bahia has the most famous carnaval of all. I don't think the club scene is quite as developed though. On the flip side, the entire NE region of the country has some of the nicest beaches in the world (that's right, better than Rio or Sao Paulo).

You can't go wrong travleing to Florianopolis SC either. It is a college city built around a federal university (read: fun-loving, intelligent young people in a sunny carefree coastal environment). Some of the best people watching in the country and plenty to do...

Florianopolis is the best city in Brazil, almost 0 violence, the people are very friendly and the beaches are incredible, you got that right for sure. The NE is VERY nice, and yes the beaches there are the GREAT! Rio is just the most popular carnaval and most people travel there for carnaval.
Sao Paulo has the best night life, but is one ugly city, I've lived there 4 years, very violent also, worst then Rio.


Famous thread :-)

thks guys, but I have been iniraq too long so when I get back I need to make it up to her some how hehe, but I plan on going back to brazil later alone with some friends

Now you talking, if you have the time, maybe plan it like this. Go to "Fortaleza" or "Recife" and stay a few days, then take a flight to "Fernando de Noronha" is a island in the North East, best diving in Brazil. Now from there go to 'Rio" for a few days and check it out, from Rio its a hour flight to the best place in Brazil, "Florianopolis", if you can try to stay on the north side of the island, Florianopolis is a Island. If you go "alone" check out Cafe Cancun on wednessday night, it goes off!! If time and money allows stop by the "Amazon" and check out the rain forest for a few days, you'll never forget the experience!

check out this website, lots a good info on Florianopolis.

Have fun and enjoy.

Is there places to train in Florianopolis ?


Copa's not so bad. It's a bit of a shitty, filthy place but you don't need to get trouble.
If you walk around with a nice watch on your wrist - as I did - you'll likely have it nicked - as I did. If you have a other jewellary or costly things about you, you'll likely have it nicked. But if you're smart enough to not wear your gold and not carry shit loads of cash around with you, you won't attract too much attention.