Help with contacts please

Kevin Campion ...who used to play rugby league for the N.Q. COWBOYS and now is on the coaching staff for the N.Z WARRIORS is trying to contact anyone with Wrestling / BJJ etc experience and a working knowledge of Rugby league, that lives in the Auckland (N.Z) area.

Anyone with some contact names and or numbers would be appreciated.

On this forum or contact Colin Crosby on 0417609800

Will ask around, just about every BJJ/subwrestler here has knowledge of Rugby League but will get some more contacts


I don't know shit re league, however, I believe it is highly stressed that when tackling you get the carrier on his back to slow stuff down?


Still looking? I see The warriors have Ken Reinsfeld on their staffing

Is the firemans carry legal? Just pick him up throw him over your shoulder and run him back to his own end. why don't we see the Broncos doing this? (insert smiley)