HELP with Crystal reports.

Here's the info (and, let me state, I did NOT set this stuff up...I inherited this - and that I'm not a DBA).

We have a web server that runs Crystal Reports Enterprise 10 with ODBC connections to over 40 different production line PCs that run SQL and use an app called Data Exchange that inputs data on production cycle, numbers, etc. One ODBC connection for each, and each one has its own SQL DB. How its supposed to work is that someone goes on to the website (no login - its intranet), clicks on the link and Crystal Report generates the report based on which Production Line they choose (each one is a different link).

Unfortunately, now each time they do that, it's asking for name and password...not Windows login request, mind you, but in the web page...looks like from Crystal Reports itself. In the CCM I checked what account is being used, and the account is not locked out. The account also has Local Admin rights to each of the SQL "servers" and as access with the SQL security on each of those "servers".

ODBC connections test fine, so now I'm thinking its at the Crystal Reports level, especially since the login request is generated in the website, rather than a Windows login.