Help with gaining flexibility

I would like to hear any suggestions for increasing my flexibility and being more limber. Specific stretching exercises? Classes? Yoga? I have a bad back and I can't even get close to touching my toes, but I'd like to work on that; especially my legs and lower back.

Any ideas? Your input is greatly appreciated.

First work on dynamic flexibility then follow it with static.

Understand the difference between the two and then consistently do dynamic first followed by static

Dynamic flexibililty is essentially any movement that involves the full range of motion for a particular body part (or parts) without holding . Example a shadow squat is a dynamic stretching exercise. Some people when they do this particular movement do go through the full range of motion this limits their flexibility. It is a dynamic stretch when you go down then back up with out a pause. Try to go through the full range of motion.

Static is when you stretch and hold.

The key to developing flexibility is sequence and consistency. Like I said first do dynamic then follow it with static and do this daily.

M.G., thanks for that distinction between different types of stretching. i will definitely look into this and use this useful information.

Pilates is not as much stretching as Yoga. Pilates build core muscles, mostly abs. The problem with Yoga is they don't do enough poses in a short period of time. I want to move from stretch to stretch to stretch. This you be better off buying a stretching book and doing them on your own. Also a 26" Pilates ball helps with stretching. Also a towel and Pilates bands (rubber) help with stretching. And don't forget partner stretching.

thanks, Worth. I have also felt that Yoga takes too much time in each stretch as opposed to getting a lot done with different poses. Maybe beginning with a few classes here and there to learn the basics and then I can get a book and know how to do the moves on my own in a safe way and at my own pace...