Help with high kicks!

I can't do them. My hips are not flexible enough. I'm pretty flexible overall, as I do a lot of streching for my JJ. But, whatever flexibility you need in order to throw a high (above chest level) kick, I just don't have.

Can anyone recommend any exercises to open up my hips and help out my high kicks?


it's not necessicarily flexibility... I think your problem is probably that you're not leaning back enough to cut the angle.

When you throw a high kick, you need to lean your torso back a smidge =)

Angles, angles, angles. The perfect technique leading to a head kick is a left hook to the body. That will get you cutting in and set you up for the high kick.

ummm dont lean back when you kick ....


Please, Elaborate Hyena... explain how standing straight up allows you to get either your hips or leg the momentum needed without being jammed by your body?...

for quickest reference, please refer to the "Kicking Technique (Cro Cop)" Thread and look at EVERY SINGLE KICK and how the person is leaned back... hmmmn, they all have bad form I guess =P

i think leaning back tends to telegraph the high kick a little bit, yet it IS more difficult to do it this way

2 options here..

1) Simply point your knee to the intended target. If you can point your knee to the target then you can certaintly reach it with a kick (think about the body mechanics). Next rotate your hips in the direction of the kick and snap your shin into the head/face/neck. This option generates less power that option 2 but is easier. This option is also more traditional martial arts oriented.

2) Start your kicking rotation as if your would throw a traditional thai kick (seperate discussion). Only difference is to start the rotation further back to allow for the height adjustment. At the end of the kick forcefully turn your hips over and strike the neck with the shin on the downward motion. More power that option 1 but requires more practice.. and is more difficult....

BOTH options require you to lean back a little. This is necessary to acheive the desired angle and to help with flexability. All world class strikers lean back a little when throwing high kicks.

Don't lean back... Please.... The comment should be dont fall over by leaning back too much...