Help with jumping rope

Guys for the life of me I cant skip, need some ideas on best way to learn and also some workout ideas once I get the basics down.

I'd sure like to hear this!!!! I'm 2 seconds from ordering a tape.

I can't jump rope worth a shit either

make sur the rope isn't too long

Ok maybe I can help a little... I have taught 3 year old kids to jump rope. So here goes...

You do need the rope to be the right length. So take it and step on it with both feet at shoulder width apart. Then adjust the rope to have the handles fit right at your arm pits. "Top or bottom of the handle will be ok".
Ok, you need to have good timing. You need your toes to learn to pick up fast off of the ground, like you are flexing your shin muscle. You can work with out a rope for some of the foot issue.
You need the rotation of your hands to be about the same. So if you take a small rope or dog chain you can spin it into a circle while hanging from one hand. And the reason why is that you need the rope to swing in almost a perfect circle when you jump. It can peek at the top "^" and you don't really want that. You want"0" top and bottom.
Realize that you only have to jump as high as the rope is thick. So and inch would be plenty. I know it sounds hard... But you will learn not to waist energy.
Normally kids will learn to jump twice for every one jump of the rope. That's one extra hop for every rope jump. This can help, but I would not learn bad habits. So forget that one.
Some one else can spin in a circle with the rope and then you would have more time to jump the rope. But you probable want to do it all by your self. One rope and one person.
Now you really need to just practice, and you need some one to watch jump the rope, so you get a good idea of how it should look, sound and the timing thing...
You can start out swinging the rope slow, and that maybe the best way to get it to work for you...
Later on you will realize that the rope skips off of the ground and if you keep it round when it swings it does not bounce as high, hence it will not catch your feet as much.
I use a leather rope with bearings. The best ropes that swing round are the ones with the inch and half beads on them. they are heavy and fast. I do not use them much because I don't use my shoes when I jump rope much.
You have to put the time in also. It will happen. Spend at the least ten minutes a day when you are learning... Later you can work up to how ever long... an hour or more... It's good for endurance. And keeps you light on your feet.

I hope this info helps...

Been boxing for over 30 the beginning I had trouble with skipping rope and the speed bag. You will look and feel like an uncoordinated idiot for a while, but practice makes perfect. Everyone starts the same way...practice, practice, practice!

First start off with your feet together and try to jump as low as possible. Most beginners make the mistake of bending their knees like they are running forward.

Thanks guys, How about some good workouts for jumping rope. Im sure there must be some goodies out there.

It's OK, it's totally about practise. At first I couldn't skip whatsoever and it took me months before I could skip properly(and even then I made many mistakes).

But don't bother with analyzing, just keep practising in the gym. No one minds seeing you make a mistake every 4 seconds and then starting again. After a year you'll be doing cross-armed and one-jump-two-skip skipping.

wow.. I'd consider myself pretty much a jump rope ninja (cross arms, double, alternating feet, shuffle) and I have no idea how to explain to someone how to "start".

practice!! just build a rhythm. hop *click* land.

If i could say anything it would be don't too high. just let the rope clear the ground and your feet.

and don't wave your arms around much. they shouldn't move once you get moving..

Getting fit for a Spartan or XFC fight eh?

I'd recomend starting without a rope. Stand in front
of a mirror and get the shuffle down before you
actually try to jump over anything. Try to get the
timing of your feet and your hands together.

At the beginning I couldnt go more than 3 consecutive jumps. Its frustrating, but within 1-2 months you'll be able to go complete rounds. Its natural. Your balance, shoulder-wrists-calves muscles, your coordination, will adapt and improve and you will be able to do it. Then you start adding doubles, crosses, shuffle, high knees, straight legs, flat footed, etc...

I dont think there's other way to learn than practice itself. I'm really retarded and have no coordination, but in 1-2 months I looked like a pro.

Once you can go full rounds, go for tougher ropes; lighter rope but heavier handles. Also keep trying faster paces.