Help with Kaspersky Anti-Virus

So, I left my laptop computer running last night, and when I checked it this morning, it had apparently restarted for some reason, which is rather odd to me. I immediately noticed that Windows Security
was showing that my Kaspersky Anti-Virus protection was off.

However, Task Manager shows that "kavsvc.exe" (Kaspersky Anti-Virus Service) is running, and my CPU usage is at 100% because this program is using anwhere from 91-97 percent. So, I tried to terminate it, and it won't terminate. I tried to uninstall Kaspersky itself, but it won't uninstall because the program is running. I have rebooted multiple times.

I messaged Kaspersky (in Moscow), and they finally got back to me. They told me to install the newest version of the software. I did this and restarted the computer. Nothing has changed, however. Kavsvc.exe continues to run, and I know of no way to terminate it. Help!

BTW, the message I get when I try to shut it down through Task Manager is:

Unable to Terminate Process

The operation could not be completed.

Access is denied.

does the 100% last forever, or just for a bit? Mine goes quite high when searching for updates

The usage of that program fluctuates a bit (from about 81-97, usually from 91-97), but the CPU usage stays at 100%, all the time.

Got it fixed, now.