Help with my BOAT rebuild!!!!!!

I am currently re-modeling my aluminum bass tracker that I used as a child.

I've almost finished the trailer, and I've started on the boat by ripping out all the decaying interior. Right now I'm designing the build and have caught a snag on the power issue.

I found a rebuild of a similar boat on a bass fishing forum where the builder made the boat an all electric powered vessel. There are a ton of places to fish in Georgia that don't allow gas motors over 5hp, so it makes since to make an electric boat. The guy I saw mounted two trolling motors on the transom, locked in a forward propelling fashion, and used a bow mounted trolling motor for direction.

Now, he had to use 6 batteries and I'm not quite sure how he rigged up the two rear motors to accelerate together at the same time.

I want to avoid having a gas motor, but is this set-up just going too far?

The boat is a 14 foot aluminum bass tracker so it shouldn't be too heavy when I finish. Should I just slap a 55lb thrust MinnKota trolling motor on it and be done?

I need to figure out this aspect before I deck the boat, unless I just leave enough room and make a compartment like set up to install whatever I want, and simply run wiring to the front of the boat for the front bow mount motor.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Damn, Zero replies in OVER A MONTH?

I'm decking the front and laying down the flooring in the mid section so I need to figure this out soon.

"I want to avoid having a gas motor, but is this set-up just going too far?"

WTF? Get at least a 90hp 4 stroke. What are you gonna do? Take off from the launch and make it to a fishing spot 5 hrs later with a trolling motor? Outboard my friend. Better yet, sell that pos and buy a used/newer boat. Good deals out there now days.

 shit, i'm still rockin my Clinton 3.5 on my 12 ft flatbottom

I wouldnt try to make it all electric unless you are planning on fishing only lakes that don't allow combustion motors.

 did you finish this build?

livingi n central NJ most 90% of the lakes i fish are electric only

if you didn't do it yet you want a foot toggle switch for the back motors.  leave them on high speed and locked in straight forward position.

when you click the foot toggle it turns them on.  when you click it again it turns them off.

Also, get the 'maximizer' option on the Minn Kota, it's a variable speed throttle.

Otherwise the normal throttle gives you click positions and often even the first click position is way too fast for trolling.


trolling is done at 8 knots imo