Help with my WDTV!!!!!

Thing worked fine then all the sudden one day it won't read my damn flash drives. It tell me no content on it. Anyone have any fixed for the issue?? Phone Post 3.0

And that means? Lol Phone Post 3.0

try a firmware update

I have tried to update and erased to factory settings. Still nothin. Phone Post 3.0

Have you tried plugging the flash drives into another device to see if it can read them? Phone Post 3.0

Yea I have put multiple files on it to make sure the files aren't corrupt. My pc and tv reads the flash drives fine. Phone Post 3.0

Plug them into your PC and erase the .WD folder on your drives. Then plug them back into the WD. Phone Post 3.0

Did that work for you, OP?

attjack - Did that work for you, OP?
I'll have to try tonight. Last time I did that it didn't work but I'll give it a go again. Phone Post 3.0