Help with NAGA gloves?

I just today received a Christmas present in the mail in the form of some NAGA gloves. The girl who bought them for me got me medium size, which is good size on my right hand seeing as how it was broken a year ago and is now smaller in size. However it seems like the glove is pretty tight on my left hand.

I was wondering if the gloves will end up loosening/shrinking/anything after being used a few times? Does anyone have any experience with having to order two different sized gloves?

Thanks in advance,
Tom Lawlor

I use them at my gym, and there is a degree of stretch. I am
not sure about ordering two sizes? would know.

What I did was pull on the finger wholes to stretch them. Also, crumpled them and just worked the hard to get them to break in. I wear large but I can also fit into a broken in pair of meds as well.