Help with name of movie. (I think Horror genre)

Likely got the tip here to watch it.

Guy and a girl are secluded in a house and their purpose is to summon either a demon or an angel, I can’t remember. Anyways very indie flick, acting pretty decent. The guy is conducting the process and one of the steps for the summoning is that it requires they have sex amongst other things for the ritual.

Anyways doesn’t seem like anything is going to happen aside from some drama between them. Until the end. Weird things happen and weird beings are in the house now iirc. BUT what sealed the deal for me and made it really stand out was when the girl was running around this house she goes into a room and there’s the Angel!
Literally takes up the size of the entire room and he is bent down on one knee. It’s quite a surprising moment.

I want to add to my collect but forgot the name.


On Golden Pond?


Jane was pretty hot back in the day…
Her workouts always seemed very sexual

Sounds like you are talking about Grease 2.

Ok that was the best Michelle Pfeiffer ever looked

Weekend at Bernie’s.

A Dark Song


Yes that’s it! Thanks!!!

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You’re welcome. Good flick

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I think thats the one with Veronica Moser

God damn that woman is hot shit

Good movie.

Fried Green Tomatoes

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Great movie

And you should really put A spoiler alert warning as you gave away the entire ending to the movie