Help with new gi

I Just got my new Red Nose in today & it's HUGE. Can I just WAAH it & dry it on medium heat for adjustment? Any info helps, thanks! Phone Post

In. Got an A2 Moya yesterday and for some reason the top is pretty big. I need to shrink the shit out of it Phone Post

AJL19 - If it's huge you can likely get away with drying it on high heat. The general method is to put it in for an hour, but every 10 minutes take it out and try it on. When it fits, hang dry only from then on. Phone Post 3.0

This is exactly the method i've used with great success.

I'd say it's pretty big, just the tips of my fingers stick out when my arms are held out to the side....I like the 10 minute rule. Much appreciated fellas! Phone Post

Joel take it from your jersey brother, koral mkms are awesome. You've seen my navy blue one. They are the best gis I have ever bought. I have 4. Phone Post 3.0

I'm going to have to get up there to see you. Coming down for the EGO? Phone Post

I believe I have a few guys from Warsaw going. If I do I'll be cornering them. But I don't believe I'm competing Phone Post 3.0

Not competing.....tsk tsk tsk! Phone Post

You have to make a judgement call. If it is really big and you don't think you can shrink it up you need to send it back. Once you wash it there is no returning it. Phone Post

Update, shrinking has gone well. Its still just a tad big, but I like my gi to fit that way. Broke it in yesterday! I'll be using it this weekend to compete in Phone Post

If it makes you feel better I'm 5'11 165-170 and the fuckstick who works at my school ordered me a A4 for my first Gi. Still swears it fits me fine too. Phone Post 3.0