HELP with "passing the guard" show

Please go to : and write a short note about how much you like the show "passing the guard" , and mma in general...My buddy works at kdoc , and he said that the gm is not sure how long he will keep it on , because he doesnt think there is much of a fanbase for mma..I just wrote a long letter to them , saying that i would post on and other forums each sat afternoon , until there show pulls a 2.2 - 2.5 neilson. So if we all do the short letter will help alot. My buddy told me that this is a great way to keep it on for a long time with this gm , and that with a bunch of letters this gm would most likely put pulling it off the air out of his mind for a while...So , go to ...and type away fellers

Will the show go nation wide?

certainly couldnt hurt its chances , especially (sp) if we can get all of the la peeps to get that number up to where i told them i help get it up to - a 2.2 - 2.5

show starts in 30 minutes and I'll be taping it. I keep missing it cuz im out saturday nights. I'll definitly write a letter. keep this at the top guys. this is MMA fighting on free TV and can open up doors!

CompanyBlue , Thats exactly the frame of mind needed to help out this sport....ttt to you
** waits for the letter to be written**


see senior'

The show tonight had some decent battles. The atmosphere in Brazil is so different than what we're used to. The show can use a lot of improvement, commentary for one. How bout dubbing over with some English commentary instead of having zero commentary and just rap music over the fights which can get old after awhile. Anyways, get on the above listed site and leave a quick message to the channel. Literally takes just 2 minutes to do and this could make or break the survival of this show. For years we've talked about getting on free TV and it's becoming a reality in several parts of North America now. we gotta keep this up

letter sent.




Letter sent. TTT

I agree with the background music; it can become annoying and may give the fights a cheesey and amatuer feel to them. The overall production and quality of the fights is good though especially the introduction.

The letter of support is on its way.


Just to give you some info on the show. The ratings
are doing very well. The station is very happy with
the ratings considering the show has only aired for 5
weeks. Passing the Guard is getting the same rating
as the WWE on UPN. I'm work with the show and
appreciate everyone's opinion. I also agree about
some of the music, but we are trying out some
different things. I can promise you that the show is
only going to get better. I'm leaving on Wed. for
Hawaii to cover Rumble on the Rock. So you can expect
to see that show along with the PRIDE LHW Grand Prix
real soon on Passing the Guard. Keep sending those e-
mails to KDOC-TV. We need all the support we can
get.Thanks, ESP