Help with posting pictures and gifs?

Any help with how I can post these? As I bluer, I think I'm supposed to be able to. I little while back, I could post a website that would turn into a blue hyperlink, but now I can't even seem to be able to do that, and it just remains black and not a hyperlink. But even when I was able to do post a hyperlink, I couldn't figure out how to post a pic or gif.

Kind of feel like a dumbass and would like to help those who ask "Could a blue post please...." because I've been there myself before I was a bluer and appreciated it when a bluer helped out.


sure, i can help you

you want to post a pic, you go to the next to last box on the right and click it, it will open up your box for putting in the image address.

Here's an easy way:

Right click on image and click "Copy Image", then control+V to paste it. Then click "post" and there it is.

Can't help with the hyperlink issue, but here is how you post pictures and gifs.

For example, this is a direct link to a gif

Now you try. Phone Post 3.0



for example...i right clicked on this image on a different website and copied its location, then i paste that into the address section, of our post box...then you have to add a desciption or the pic will not post, i just put something simple like, ...if the pic does not appear in the preview box, you do not have a valid address for the pic.

now you try.

/\/\/\ Jesus, I'm stupid.

you have to open the little box up first, and put the addy there, you may need to go to site settings, and make sure you have the right box selected

After I click on "HTML" for the body (I'm supposed to do that, right?) and then the Image icon, I'm frozen in the gray "Image Properties" section and even after putting something in the fields, it won't let me out by either clicking Okay or Cancel. I have to close this website browser and reopen it in order to get out of it and back on this website. I'll keep playing around.

VUs for all who have tried to help me.

the box should say image properties at the top when opened

if you don't put something in the description area, it will do that

I got Voted Down for failing to post an image?

WTF? What a jerk. Not talking about anyone on this thread, obviously, as you guys are cool and trying to help.

I know how to post images but what about videos??

I've gotten to the point where for example I want to post a youtube video so I click on embed under the video and copy the link, but then where do I paste the link into when I'm putting it up here??

Is it under link, image what? every time I try in link it doesn't work. 

at the top of your dialogue box you have to change the selection from standard to video, and paste the embed code there, then put any letters in the box below, before hitting post

you have to add something in the text box or it won't post


ChokingOnACookie - Can't help with the hyperlink issue, but here is how you post pictures and gifs.

For example, this is a direct link to a gif

Now you try. Phone Post 3.0

Does anyone else get this "X in a box" right under ChokingOnACookie's post?

I'm seeing this more and more and am wondering if I have some sort of computer bug or issue. Or maybe this X is supposed to be there?