Help with Will/Estate questions FL

I have a question for you based upon your expertise. (property and law)

Aurora's grandmother just died. Her only exising kin were an older sister and a
daughter. (A's mom) She owned a property with 2 small houses on it. For many
years the spot was in a very commerically desirable location (in Miami) but A's
grandmother never sold.

Not that she has passed away, A's brother is telling everyone that his
grandmother had "wanted him to have the property" and is scheming to develop..

Q: I'm certain that when there is a death in the family the property deed will
be given to A's mom. is this correct? next of kin?
What kind of legal documentation will A's mom need to prove this?
What kind of documentation would A's brother need to prove it was his instead of
his mothers? (A's grandmother has been legally blind and all her bills have been
handled by A's mom for the last 10+ years)

curious. A's brother is a sleazy kind of guy and we just don't want him to try
to take this property out from under A's mom simply because she was uninformed.
The property should be hers and if anyone were to make money from it it should
be hers by birthright. (he's not too bright but has street smarts and lots of

Any advice is appreciated..

I was hoping you'd see this Trust!

Yes the property is in FL. (Hialeah to be specific.)

There was no will.


Thank you for responding Trust, I was hoping you would see this as well... :)

Will my mom have to go to Miami Dade Courts to get a copy of the deed? (He took it)

And the Funeral home for a copy of the death certificate?

"I'm curious to know why he made off with the deed."

As I am sir.. My mom asked him to show her a document and he's like why do you want to see one, I'll take care of everything.. Knowing how he is, I'm almost positive he would of shown her something if he had it, just to shut her up..

Thank you for taking the time and pulling up the website for me.. I really appreciate you're help trust.. As Attorneys can be expensive, I'm trying to help her as much as possible before she would need one eventually..