im getting kind of sick of the same shit i listen to. i want some new stuff to broaden my selection. im wondering if anyone has any recommendations for acoustic soft stuff.

something like old simon and garfunkel (not the poppy sounding material, more "sound of silence") or OLD leonard cohen (not that keyboard shit he started doing later in his career).

any suggestions? i love lorenna mckinnett and marty friedmans classical stuff as well.

help! im kind of stuck in the same circle, and dont wanna be 50 and saying "now, kids, THIS is the only GOOD music"

thanks much

no one yet?

Hmmm, good question. There was a thread here called modern folk artists you might wanna take a look at.

I recommend Trailer Bride's album 'high seas' to just about everyone. Can't go wrong with Tom Waits.  JJ Cale, Nick Cave,

thanks guys :)

thanks for the link too gen

You may, or may not, want to check out some James Taylor. I know he is a folkie, but his fingerstyle is quite nice, and his songs are strong.


I think that acoustic artists like Leo Kottke,Micheal Hedges(RIP),or Julian Bream can open some doors to your own muse.

Are you looking more for vocal accompanyment or snand alone instrumental stuff?

another vote for early Michael Hedges

here's something WAYYY off the charts...Opeth's "Damnation" album- Swedish Death Metal that isn't-

acoustic and very melodic-

suggestions from both would be nice racer. im up for anything along these lines of music

How about:

John Fahey

Peter Lang

Duck Baker

John Hiatt

Townes Van Zandt

Dan Hicks

Thom Bresh

Bruce Cockburn

David Grisman Quintet

John Hartford

Tony Rice

damn hillbilly! wish i could find somewhere to sample them all, then possibly BUY them.

would james taylor fit into this thread