soi was at a pet shop on fri and they had about 6 young iguanas together in what looked to be about a 30 gallon aquarium...with no room to climb!

i want to call the aspca, should i, and what would they do?

I'd say yes, but first i'd go talk to whoever runs the place and in a calm and nice way explain how wrong it is to be doing what they are doing..That or you could leave a Care of Green Iguanas care sheet.

The sad part is i doubt anything's going to happen, people don't seem to care if it isn't furry and "cute"

spank is right.

i bought mine from similiar circumstances.

they also had fucking HEAT ROCKS as the only source of heat for about 8 of them.

i realized later that heatrocks werent good for them, but a fucking pet store should know how to take care of their more exotic animals