Helpful hints/FAQ for Boomers & GenXers who are still lost here


how does one make their profile “hidden” or private?

This needs more sections; it’s not self-important enough yet.

There’s a lot of people bitching. With any new site / update, there will be bugs and things that need fixing. People need to be patient. I think it’s already so much more functional than the last implementation.

In, hope filling I’ll be able to find threads I’m subscribe to

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Hit the ‘eye’ icon in top right corner.



What the fuck is up with posts that are obscured so you can’t see them? Is somebody being a little bitch? I don’t approve of little bitches.

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Do you mean like this text??



Is there a special UI function needed to make paragraphs in frat posts too, that even OP doesn’t know about?


hitting return

when you want to start a new paragraph…

I did it that way to keep replies, quotes, & multi threads cleaner & easier, precisely because of the FRAT.

I mean, I know the OG loves its unreadable walls of text in nested quote trees, but, be like water.

how can I make my profile Hidden/Private?

Preferences → Interface → Other → Hide my public profile and presence features

EDITED out data consuming, seizure inducing GIF

Thanks for answering my question

Yes, just like that. What the fuck is up with this shit?

Sooo…we agree that OP likes cawk…