Helping Family

My mom got into some financial trouble a while back while my fater was sick. She has about 23,000 in credit card debt, but most of the accounts are closed. She can't get any loans because her credit is shot.

She will eventually get a large some of money( a couple of hundred thousand) , but it may not be for a while. What can she do in the meantime? Do credit card consolidation companies work? Should I cosign on a personal loan for her?

does she own her house? if she does is she behind on her mortgage?

how shot is her credit? what is "shot" to you?

I work with lenders who give 100% financing on loans to people with a 500 credit score. So she may want to think about refinancing or taking out an Equity line to pay off her debts. If she owns her house.


No house to borrow against. She rents.

well if she has money coming to her in the near future, she can either not worry about the debts, since they will be paid in full once she gets her money, or she can try the credit card consolidating services, some of those services are very legit and do help people.

I use to know a guy who did that but I cant remember his name......either way he loved his job and it seemed to work for his clients. tell her to give it a try.