Helping our fighters make money

I would love for you to tell me these practices are already in place...but why is it that time after time we see contracts signed, fighters PREPARE for weeks and even months to fight a particular opponent just to have said opponent simply back out without penalty. Then the guy that trained his heart out doesn't get paid, doesn't pay his rent and let's face left with that aggression fighters feel when they NEED A FIGHT. People with yellow bellies mess with other fighters careers and livelihood. I would love to see it become LAW that when you sign a contract to fight, unless you have documented MEDICAL permission to back out of the are subject to a monetary penalty that would go directly to the other fighter. REGARDLESS if that fighter gets another opponent-he has been training specifically a certain guy and his chances for winning against someone else DO DIMINISH a little..even for the greatest fighters in the's time we start stepping up and taking care of each other.


I suspect most promoters and fighters don't really have the time or resources to pursue legal action for even if there is a contract or reasonable expectation.

That needs to change for the sport to become more organized and seen by others as legitimate. If we take the time, perhaps fighters wouldn't have to hold down 9-5 jobs on top of fighting.

I'll tell you, it doesn't mean shit now, but once I've got my own legal practice back home in Florida, I'll be more than happy to provide reasonable help to legit fighters and promotions, out of my own pocket. Honest folks have to look out for each other.

Unfortunately, it'll be at least a couple years before I hang my own shingle.

It takes people like you, girlfriends like me (ha ha) and fighters who see themselves as athletes AND BUSINESS PEOPLE for this sport/way of life to become lucrative and legitimate for many more than we see today. Boxing is further down that path-not as far as it should be that's for sure, but for MMA to see money like Boxing does....we need to take the time to step back and treat each fight like BUSINESS transaction.




"I would love to see it become LAW that when you sign a contract to fight,..."

If the contract is written correctly, it is law, but like SDDrive said most promotors don't have the time or inclination to sue. Hey they know stuff happens.

It's that "stuff" that takes food out of mouth!

If can't afford to step up-don't take the fight.
We need to stick together on this and not be complacent.