Helwani Further Embarassing Himself

Helwani should of known he created a new beef after he asks a stupid question. Rampage felt insulted and became tiredsome of Helwani. Ariel should be embarassed for his silly/laughable retorts that sounded incredibly awkward. Hey Ariel, when you piss off a man like that, it means they do not want to talk to you. Leave him alone.

THEN Helwani says "In not the most exciting fight ever" regarding Story/Spaniard. Helwani, dude, you can't make these comments yet, aight?

sticking his big,fucking nose where it don't belong.

Let's focus on Helwani being rude and awkward when talking to Rampage.

"I dressed for you!"

"I thought we squashe it!"

I felt bad for Helwani tonight...guy doesnt know how to talk to a real dude.

Ariel is one of the best in the business. Rampage is a crybaby with a stale act. God forbid a journalist does their job.

Sweet Jesus Nancy, go grab another cranberry juice because aunt flo just rolled back in town. Phone Post

Jesus Christ man jew guys are being a little rough on the guy.

William Colosimo - crybabies

"D A T - Let's focus on Helwani being rude and awkward when talking to Rampage.

"I dressed for you!"

"I thought we squashe it!" I felt bad for Helwani tonight...guy doesnt know how to talk to a real dude."

and by "real dude" you mean unprofessional Tennessee gutter trash. AMIRITE!

Im right

There is a real divide between the professionals trying to give the sport legitimacy and the Neanderthals who have get lost when they aren't interacting with their boy Vince from cell block 9. This forum is full of Vinces

hahaha@"real dude". We all know you can't be real unless you gots a criminal record. Sorry br

By "real" dude all i mean is a blue collar dude off the street....whatever you think that means. Helwani clearly hasn't had to deal with many inner-city or black people for that matter...dude don't know how to act. I dont know how you can argue that...not everyone talks/thinks the same way. Helwani acts like an awkward innocent creepo full-time, can't do that bra.

Actually by "real" dude i mean a guy who is an individual and doesn't change his act. Rampage is one of those dudes.

TopGrinder -  Ariel that big nose jew is the best interviewer in MMA.

 THIS! Rampage, quite frankly, acted like a dick tonight. There was no reason for him to act like that after being asked to give comments on the show, regardless of how he felt about Ariel.

Just STFU and answer the questions or don't. It wasn't about HIM this time. Big baby, IMO.


Rampage thinks it's funny when he acts like an asshole... Makes him look like a dick Phone Post

You guys are all little bitches. This is an ongoing joke between Ariel and Rampage that NOBODY seems to understand.

Every time they have a little FAKE squabble there's 100 threads about how Ariel is a bitch and another 100 about how Rampage is an asshole.

Ariel is the best reporter and Rampage is a joker, get real people.

Rampage doesn't like Ariel. Last time AH interviewed him he mentioned "hearing" AH was talking trash about him. Which could have been anything from AH predicting a fight against him to pointing out a weakness in his game. Rampage doesn't like anyone who questions any aspect of his game.

Ariel's question wasn't great, but it wasn't anything to begin acting unprofessional about. rampage sees Ariel as an easy target and makes the guy's life hell for just trying to do his job. That said I still like rampage, just a little less after this though.

Oh and no this isn't an "inside joke" as you can see Ariel getting visibly flustered about the whole thing.

 ..."Bonnar is a good dude and was coming to Ariel's defense asking the same question to Rampage. Page was being a dick, and not in a playful/silly way either. Straight up jackass tonight. Sucks cause I'm a fan. Ariel handled himself well though.

On I side note, I really like Bonnar as the "fighter" fight commentator. Phone Post "

This, this, this.