Henderson/Couture/Lindland Seminar

Day one was all Henderson. Take downs, chokes and locks.

A lot of fun.

Friday's set up wasn't as much fun. At least 50 full size wrestling mats had to be laid down in almost a full gymnasium. Then they had to be swept and mopped.

Shawn's Dad tried to kill Marcos and myself by dropping full sized mats on our heads when we were not looking.

I felt sorry for Harry though when he was trying to explain to those of us who showed up to help how to set the mats up. Talk about your three stooges. I don't know if I laughed more Friday or today.

Then Saturday morning we had to tape the mats together. As easy as this sounds, well, knowing us, it just wasn't. But it got underway on time.

I saw all sorts of guys there. Bocek, Joslin, among a few. I saw a guy who looked like Bas Rutten, and a guy who looked like Sean Sherk.

I even saw a guy who looked like Tito Ortiz on a starvation diet.

Then Fateh beat the crap out of me for a while for calling him at all sorts of weird hours.

Henderson pulled a guillitine on me that almost popped my head off.

I can't believe how many people were there. The gym is 3 times the size of the floorspace than was available for the Shamrock seminar and it was still packed.

The goon gear guys were there selling some cool t-shirts.


Dougie, my one hand is TNT and my other hand is Dyno-mite and they are going to explode on your face. That guy looked so much like Bas, it was actually scary. The Sean Sherk guy was pretty close as well. The next time you see me, my right ear will be horribly disfigured. It has started to swell at the top this time, so it will look like Coutures.

Great time although i shouldn't have brought the girlfriend. She made me leave early. She also called me and most of the other guys homos for oogling Dan and Randy when they first entered the gym! Trained with Elmy. He's a pitbull. Sore as hell now. Got some pics. Team quest is the shit and thank you to Mr Geris for putting this thing together.

Strange, I usually call Dougie a homo becuase he likes to have sex with men. That is why I don't have a girlfriend. Not the gay sex thing, but the interference to my everyday life. On a totally unrelated note, TTT for Shawn Geris and Team Quest. TTB for Harry Geris picking me up at 6:45 am tomorrow to move 50 wrestling mats.

I had a great time! Randy and Dan are class acts all the way!!!

I didn't get to meet you Dougie, but "The HULK" pointed you out for me, so I'll say Hi next time and we can exchange stories of Esfiha kicking our mortal asses.

My thanks, as well to Shawn and Harry for bringing Dan and my hero, Randy (he's old just like me) to London. Even though I felt like that kid with the overprotective parents who won't let him play with the other kids at the playground (I'm recovering from knee surgery) and could only watch, it was still a blast to see these guys at work. And I learned some cool stuff as well. Also, it was fun watching Dan roll with Mark Bocek. You don't get to see that every day.

Let's make London the future centre of MMA in Ontario.

Andy, take care of that ear. You're too young to look like Randy. Looking forward to rolling with you some time soon. **Edited to add - I just read your post about you and Dougie. Maybe I'll take back my last statement. I was wondering what you two were doing out on the mat. Looked like Dougie was enjoying things just a little too much from where I was sitting.

Chris has had three weeks to work with me and I'm not on the mat yet. I'll have to have a talk with that boy.

Settle down there Andy, you're like a jack russel terrier. All over the place. It must be your new hair do. The Frito Ortiz special. But I have to admit that your ears are looking great man! Keep up the good work.

Portuguese2002! How come you never came over and said hello to me if you knew who I was? Bummer.

dsc, don't let Andy's thin attempts at projection distract you. He was trying to hump my leg on the mats.

Trying??? If I am not mistaken, I quite successful in my attempt to hump your leg. Andy never rests until he accomplishes his goal.

Dougie - I was gonna come over and introduce myself after Shawn pointed you out but then got distracted by the Henderson-Bocek match, and then I was just to busy bugging the crap out of Randy.

Ok, Andy. Cut it out. You're scaring me now.

Sorry, I get carried away. I been described as a spaz at times.

Just curuious, how did Bocek and henderson go?

It was a draw. Both almost sunk submissions, but after 10 minutes, they had enough.

This is true. When Andy "Canario" Ross wants a to hump your leg. You let him.

More pics from the seminar can be found at:

thats the ugliest fight team ever!!! i'm a fag!!!

And damn proud of it, mister.