Henderson explains decision to stop TRT at UFC 161

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                                Henderson explains decision to stop TRT at UFC 161

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                    <p>Earlier this week it was revealed that Dan Henderson was not using TRT for his UFC 161 bout with Rashad Evans, something he had been using for the past for years. Henderson cleared up the situation yesterday with MMAJunkie:</p>

"It didn't look like they would approve it, so I just quit taking the testosterone," Henderson told MMAjunkie.com. "I stopped about six to eight weeks out. I was told by my doctor that wouldn't be a problem at all. I wasn't using that much, anyway."

Henderson fought in the main event of UFC 161, which took place June 15 in Winnipeg. After a 15-minute affair, he was handed a split-decision loss to Rashad Evans. Afterward, Henderson was one of 10 fighters tested by the commission for drugs of abuse (such as marijuana and cocaine), as well as anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancers.

Henderson's test was clean, as were the others'.

Henderson, who turns 43 years old next month, was first granted a TUE in Nevada based on a diagnosis of hypogonadism, also known more simply as low testosterone. Hypogonadism can be caused by a number of issues, but Henderson said the Manitoba commission was looking for something more specific.

"I guess they won't approve it unless you can prove a physical problem with your body that would explain why you need it other than just testing low for testosterone," Henderson said. "You have to give them a reason why your body has a physical ailment, such as your pituitary gland or something. That wasn't my case. They weren't going to approve me, so I didn't even apply for it. After they spoke with my doctor, I just withdrew my application.

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so he basically cycled...cool...lol...pretty sure if they didnt give him a TUE he actually broke the rules of the AC by using at all during training prior to the fight...

Anyone who can stop trt and be fine, does not need it in the first place. Phone Post

Lol, knew it. He can come off the stuff pretty easily. Its pretty obvious that he doest need it. He was just taking it to get an edge just like everyone else is. Only time you ever truly need trt is when you are noticeably very sluggish, very tired, get sick easy and have an extremely low sex drive.