Henderson: I have unfinished business with Jones

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                                Henderson: I have unfinished business with Jones

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                    <p>Dan Henderson was scheduled to challenge Jon Jones for his light heavyweight title at UFC 151 on September 1st. Unfortunately Henderson was forced to withdraw due to an injury and the UFC scraped the whole event. Henderson sat on the shelf for 5 months before losing a decision to Lyoto Machida, losing his number one contender status. However, Henderson would still like his shot and feels he could be close with a win over Rashad Evans:</p>

"I feel like if I do have an impressive win then I'm right back in there," Henderson stated.  "I think a not so great performance but a win does something for me, but not a lot.  I'm sure I'll just fight somebody else at that point.  An impressive win over Rashad would possibly put me right in there.  That's still one of my goals, that's why I'm doing this."

Henderson's long standing desire to fight Jones still burns inside of him, and he knows that if he can be impressive as the main event at UFC 161 a title shot isn't far off.

"I definitely have some unfinished business with Jon Jones," Henderson stated.  "Hopefully that happens for myself, Jon Jones and the fans."

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Who is advising H-Bomb? Doesn't someone with influence care about his health?

It's time to Retire. Screw bishes. Get small movie roles. Don't start a gym or clothing line! Live life. With all your faculties. Why risk your health? You're already Hall of Fame. You're already rich.

This is the JJ fight I wanna see. Whenever Hendo has no chance of winning, he mauls someone. What a great story leading up to it too.

LOL Hendo will get mauled. Jones gets better every time. Phone Post 3.0

Hendo has nothing for JBJ, he won't make it out of the 2nd round if they fought. Jon gains nothing from beating Dan. It's really just another pay day. Phone Post 3.0

One of my all time favorite fighters, would love to see this guy win the belt before he retires out. Imma keep my faith in Dan the fucking man Henderson.

If he was to win the belt, i think it would make him the Best p4p fighter without a doubt. I think he could arguably still be considered one of the Best P4P fighters anyhow. Phone Post 3.0

Jones would have a great chance to be the first to stop him with strikes. Phone Post

I think it looks a lot like bones vs sonnen. I love hendo but Jones is unlike anyone in the sport before him. Hendos great but Jones is the greatest Phone Post

Hendo needs to fight Jones, unless Jones does wat Machida did n contantly move he's gonna have a hard time with Hendo

I like Hendo a lot, but sadly, I think he loses to Evans. Then the discussion about fighting JBJ is moot. Phone Post 3.0

I like Hendo alot but at this stage most of his fights against the elite are left to a punchers chance. Anything can happen but the odds are certainly not in his favor by a long shot. Evans is a much better fighter.

I really hope Hendo destroys Rashad so we can see this fight ASAP.

Mojo514 - Hendo needs to fight Jones, unless Jones does wat Machida did n contantly move he's gonna have a hard time with Hendo

Jones charges forward and takes Hendo down. And then destroys him there. Jones is that good Phone Post