Henderson lost! WT?//!//

Dan Henderson should have been the winner of the fight. He was moving forward pressing the fight. I really do not trust an organization without a governing body. Who regulates Pride??? They can make whatever decision they want.


"Who regulates Pride???"

The Yakuza... haven't you heard?

But seriously Dan lost that fight.

I didn't see the fight but Henderson has gotten the nod in close fights before so it's only fair that someone else prevails this time.

I like Dan but he lost the fight,it was close

Did Dan lose the belt or was that just the tournament fight?

yep, I sat there watching thinking, "damn, Dan lost this fight". I kept waiting for him to come up with a rally and knock the dude out, but it never happened.
Good Fight though.

Yes I understand that and that is my point... An organization who can enforce who wins and loses without some type of system.

Dan did not dominate the fight but he is one of the best in Pride and fighters should have to dominate him to winn...He has earned that.


Us viewers are so used to watching him crush people so that when he is not doing this judges Pride, us viewers, ETC. see this as he didn't do well. He pressed the match. Controlled the ring, countered puches (ate some) but was never hurt or threatened at all during the fight.


just the tourney I believe

goodness sake. DAN LOST! You should not be given "credit" for past
fights. Maybe if it was a true title fight, but this is a tournament style
fight. Dan was not dominated, but he was picked apart. He knows he
lost as well. If Misaki only had some ko power he would be the
dominating force at middleweight. Great leg kicks, jab, movement...a
technical striker that is fun to watch.

I DIDN'T SEE the fight, but yeah I have to admit that Dan lost fair and square.

The big question is, has Dan lost his Jedi mind trick powers? He has a ton a close decision victories going back to his UFC debut.

So now 3 of Pride's belt holders have lost but still hold the belt

Hendo didn't deserve that win. The judges got it right, he lost.

Tito: "I DIDN'T SEE the fight, but yeah I have to admit that Dan lost fair and square."

LOL - how does that work?

Pancho: Fighters don't 'earn' a seperate set of rules just because they have a good record or are known to be good fighters. They still have to abide by the same criteria as everyone else.

I'm the biggest Henderson fan you'll find, but he lost that fight.

Hendo not only lost but got owned IMO. It was a clear decision to Misaki. How could anyone think otherwise? Great fighters lose sometimes, it happens.

Saw the fight.. very close but he lost by leg legnth.

It wasn't close. Misaki out punched, kicked, and stopped the few takedown tries Dan went after. He beat him in all aspects of the game and was a lot busier in doing so. Dan was never in trouble, but got outstruck badly and was stuffed a few times on takedowns.

lol misaki's gonna take every MW's lunch money before he's done. including franklin

"fighters should have to dominate him to winn...He has earned that"

Why? A fight is a fight. Why should there be special rules for one fighter?