Henderson lost! WT?//!//

"I really do not trust an organization without a governing body. Who regulates Pride??? They can make whatever decision they want."

Well, unfortunately, I dont think anyone in the world trusts your opinion on this particular fight.

Dan is a straight shooter. He didn't raise his hands to try to sell a victory to the judges...he felt he honestly had won.


Dan was outworked and outstriked

If Misaki had a little more power, Dan would be lying flat on the canvas.

Misaki is the real deal, he just lacks power.

I can see him beating Franklin but definitely not Kang of Filho.

"Dan did not dominate the fight but he is one of the best in Pride and fighters should have to dominate him to winn...He has earned that."

Whoever started this type of thinking is pure bull crap. And some people actual started believing that this should be the case and we hear about this all the time from boxing especially.

Why is it that we dont hear this from any other type of sports such as basketball or football. If the championship team scored one less point than the opposing team, in a very close game, should we say that the champs actually won because it wasnt a dominating game for the other team. That doesnt make sense does it? Why if the judges are involve, they have to be swayed to give a close call to the champ? If they feel it's a draw, just say it's a draw and if it's close but they feel one edge the other by a close call, call it as it is and forget who is the champ and who isnt.

^ great point.

Dan was outclassed in the standup.

Dan lost.

And if you're looking for freebie decisions... he already got one in the Kondo fight... how many do you want?

"I can see him beating Franklin but definitely not Kang of Filho."

LOL are you on Pride's payroll or what?

Franklin is far more technical on the feet than either him or Hendo.

Anyone with a decent sprawl will own filho, what is he like 5'6" or something?

Kang is a wildcard, decent size and well rounded. Could own Ace and Hendo

Dan lost

"Dan is a straight shooter. He didn't raise his hands to try to sell a victory to the judges...he felt he honestly had won."

Ok, so, you and Dan are the only 2 people who thought he won.

I hope to see a rubbermatch... I say Dan takes it.

Dan should fight the winner of the tourney first.

"So now 3 of Pride's belt holders have lost but still hold the belt"
Wand beat Arona in the rematch, so it's actually just 2.

"He was moving forward pressing the fight."

lol, what fight did you watch? Misaki was ALWAYS the one moving forward and pressing. In addition, each guy had one takedown (which the other immediately stood up from), and standup was fairly even, but Misaki landed noticeably more consistently than Dan did. A close, but still very clear, win for Misaki.

What goes around comes around...

Misaki won. he landed more shots and more punishing shots

OK, i think we've outdone the usefulness of this thread.


Misaki wins a competive but clear victorious fight.

Semi-finals and final in NOV...

maybe this guy accidently downloaded the first fight by mistake

misaki is an excellent strategic striker. good matchup with Anderson

fair win for misaki

talked with Heath a few days ago and they are coming back Tues. I am going to ask how he felt being there live and if it did look as if Dan did lose...reality is he did lose.

answer to leisuresuit's question:

no I'm not his mommmy but I'm sure he has one and she almost certainly would take you down and tap you out!
Just in fun with ya, don't take life so seriously
live alittle.


Saw the fight and.. Misaki literally out punched.. Dan Henderson. His uppercuts were nice. Dan's gassing was a factor also.