Henderson, Sperry, LeBanner to IFL

Henderson, Sperry, LeBanner IFL coaches

Pamplona-Lawler to headline Feb 23 show

Jerome LeBanner, Ze Mario Sperry, Dan Henderson, and South Korean former Olympic judoka Doo B. Park are the new IFL coaches, whose still-unnamed teams will premiere in 2007 in extra-league events. Also announced is the February 23 superfight between Brazil's Eduardo Pamplona and Robbie Lawler. As for tomorrow's Gracie-Newton event, the IFL has announced that extra seats had to be improvised due to the big audience. Around 6,500 people will be watching the event live.

Source: www.graciemag.com


IFL blowin up

I agree...Blowin up indeed...I see they are spending the 24 million bucks they just brought in wisely...

Great news


"Are there enough QUALITY fighters to fill out all of these teams?"

Lebanner has the entire country of France to draw from.

Henderson has Team Quest in California.

Mario Sperry has BTT.

Doo B. Park has the entire nation of Korea.

I think they will be fine for finding quality fighters.

I see Sperry bringing in Capoani, nice young guy...I see Le Banner using Kristoph Midoux...another nice guy...the rest will be interesting

In an interview I read, LeBanner mentioned (HW)Kristof Midoux, (MW)Brian Rafiq, and (LW)Samy Schiavo as fighters he would likely recruit for his team.

LOL @ "Doo B. Park"

Hope they don't drug test *that* guy :-P


see....smart girl....

Watch it Ted, I'm one of Doo B.'s brothers.

from what I have heard through the grapevine this week they will be moving to more regular broadcasts in 2007....keep up the search-I think it is about to get a lot easier.

I'm pulling for the Anacondas & the Scorpions.

Go Dragons.

ROFL at the Doo B. Brothers


TTT for hendo

Lebanner needs David Baron for WW. All day.