Henderson still undecided on retirement

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                                Henderson still undecided on retirement

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                    <p>Dan Henderson&#39;s fight at UFC 199 against Hector Lombard will be the last fight on his current UFC contract. Henderson chose to fight out his contract, but is still undecided on if that means he will retire or continue to fight:</p>

The fight with Lombard is also the final bout on Henderson's current contract with the UFC. At 45, speculation has been running rampant that the legendary middleweight might consider retirement in the near future.

Henderson isn't going to put a stamp on that decision right now, but he knows that he doesn't have that much time left. Still, he's going to enjoy every fight until it's over and since he's fighting on Saturday night, it's not over yet.

"I'm kind of going to make up that decision when I'm ready, I'll make sure that people know it. I'm getting close to the end, and I know that as well," Henderson said.  "I'm just taking it day-by-day and fight by fight. I'm looking forward to getting through this fight and seeing what's next."

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brain damage, brain damage is whats next if he keeps this up Phone Post 3.0

The goat Phone Post 3.0

I would love to see him win and retire. I hate seeing him get knocked out by stuff that wouldn't have phased him a decade ago. Phone Post 3.0