Henderson Tribute on FSN NOW

FSN is having an hour long Hendo tribute followed by IFL

TTT for Hendo

FTG - I emailed you awhile back, but no response.


I have been looking for you.

Yahoo says that your email is invalid.

Is there another addy I can reach you at?

Are you watching UFC 73 tomorrow?

If so, where at? We should meet up and watch it together, I never have
anyone to watch fighting with.

Email me at- ghazalinaru@yahoo.com and we can try to exchange

I just don't want to post it here... you never know what these freaks will

Hit me up at dustinwray@satx.rr.com

Not sure why Yahoo lied to you and was a meany head.

I think I'll be watching UFC 73 here in New Braunfels. Not sure, yet. What about you?

Something about satx.rr.com not being legitimate, I am not even sure
what that means.

I hadn't found a good place to watch it- all the places in Austin charge
ridiculous prices (sometimes up to $20) to sit.

I will email you in a little bit and maybe I can sort out meeting you in
NB to watch it if you want.

It's worth a drive to watch fighting with someone that actually enjoys it
as much as I do.

If for some reason it doesn't like my email address again (which is the San Antonio branch of Road Runner, so it definitely should), you can also hit me up on AIM at DWrayZ28.


Sweet maing, expect to hear from me soon.

It was on earlier in the week, too -- if you missed it, they'll probably run it again.

I love watching old Pride FC events.

Love em.