Henderson vs Anderson Silva?

From what I understand these 2 fight each other next. I think this will be a good match up, but why does Henderson get to fight the champ after coming off of a loss?

best option for Silva and UFC, and UFC is playing it up that Hendo was Prides 183lbs champ, so its being billed as another unification fight, at least thats how I see it

who else are they gonna have anderson fight? okami? :)

Henderson's track record alone makes him a contender. Add that to the fact that there's no one at 185 for Anderson Silva left to fight, and you have this match-up.

makes perfect sense...he holds the pride 185 belt & he went the distance with the current 205 champion. it's not like silva is going to steam roll over him.

Bring up GSP, I would like to see him fight Silva

Why? Because he also has the old Pride 185 belt and there are no
contenders at 185. That being said, Silva is going to win.