Hendo Gets IFL Team

Anounced today at the IFL weigh-ins, along with Jerome LeBanner also confirmed as a coach.


Many thanks AVT.

Jesus, so many great IFL teams.......now if only they had a 145 division........

Awesome!! Now I've just gotta figure out when and what channel their events air. :)

Awesome! But damn, how many teams are they planning on having?

It takes a lot of teams to support all the fighters they are taking away from the UFC.....


Zmoney...don't know you....but you are a good man.
GO IFL!!!!!!!!!

Temeculeh Tigers???


Cool news

Damn that's a LOT of teams, hope they make enough money to pay all these guysþ

SWEET news!

Venice Beach Veneers???

Death Valley Death Adders???

Dallas needs a team. Howabout have either Guy or Machado head it up.
Or hell Chris Brennan is out there now and i think he'd be an awesome
addition to the IFL whether it be as a coach or as a fighter.

He's definitely earned it.