Hendo "I would fight Sonnen; doesnt deserve jones"

Hendo is such a pro, him vs. sonnen would be something I would pay to see. Hendo is right with the whole sonnen not deserving the fight though I dont see uncle chael in any form winning

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I really hope I'm wrong, but with age and injury, I feel father time has finally caught up to Dan. Only way to prove if I'm right or wrong is to see how he does against Lyoto.

I hope I'm wrong.

well we will see how that year lay off affects hendo coming in this fight with lyoto. Lyoto doesnt do so well with agressive fighters so hendo has a great chance. 

How can you not fucking love this guy?

i would love to see hendo smash sonnen's smug ass

Virus x - Old news

Wasn't this shit said back in September? How is this still news? Phone Post

As a fan of the great Dan Henderson this is my .02.

Dan Vs Chael = awesome fight

Dan Vs Machida = Machida by living death