Hendo/Shogun compared to other greats

All of my articles are inspired by what I read on the forums. I add what I think and what I read and try to put together an article that is always honest and as unbiased as humanly possible. Not everyone will always like what I write but I don't think anyone can ever say it wasn't a fair take on any subject.

In this case I compared the amazing fight between Hendo and Shogun to a few other all time great fights. I would love to hear what the UG thinks about the comparisons.


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Thanks UG for all the great inspiration and feedback!



 Fantastic write up.  An entertaining read.  When the fight concluded and I awaited the decision along with my friends, I made the statement that it was the best MMA fight that I have ever seen.  I would later amend that statement to best fight of any type that I've ever seen.  And it was for the same reasons you listed.  Truly an amazing fight.  I became a Rua fan after witnessing his heart and Hendo solidified why he's my all time favorite fighter with his effort.  An instant classic.  It was an honor to watch those two beasts battle it out.  

Glad you liked it!

I was literally saying the same thing at the end of the third as I forgot it was 5 rounds (was too amped) and missed the Hendo correction to Rosenthal at the start of the 3rd.


Oh if any blue namer could post the link that would be awesome!


Awesome write up http://cagejunkies.com/2011/11/eye-of-the-fan-11-24-11-is-hendo-vs-shogun-the-greatest-fight-ever-edition/