HENDO signing with strikeforce!

 oh its true

its true


Um, I cannot believe that Dana would let him go there and not give him his fucking title shot he deserves...


 Guess he got tried of waiting for a title shot from Anderson Silva.

Terrible move by the UFC, damn I am pissed.


>>>>It's one thing to steal Fedor Emelianenko and retain the rights to Gegard Mousasi, now Strikeforce may have awakened the beast by stealing Dan Henderson from the UFC. Henderson, who has been pining for a title rematch against Anderson Silva, finally gave up on that possibility and is going to sign with Strikeforce according Yahoo! Sports' Kevin Iole.

The obvious fights for the 205-pound Henderson have to be Mousasi and newly signed Mo Lawal. There may not be a ton of depth for Henderson to run through but at 39-years-old he's clearly jumping at one final chance at big money and an opportunity to fight on network television.  <<<<<

holy shit

I had a feeling this was in the works. Holy hell.

Mousasi fought much of his career at 185. Hedo vs Mousasi would be unreal.

 Hendo is a class act, bad move on UFC part.  I have more interest in watching Hendo fight for Strikeforce than Fedor.  Like I said I guess Hendo was getting tried of waiting for that title shot again. 

 Wow....didn't see this coming at all. Holy shit @ the prospect of Hendo vs Mousasi!!!

good for Hendo and Strikeforce

 Im 100% for Hendo vs Mousasi and not at all for Fedor vs Hendo, but i bet Fedors people would love that idea.

fedor by Armbar, no?


crazy mixed feelings on this

happy dan is in the strikeforce mix..hopefully ill get to see him fight in san jose!

but PISSED he didnt get a title shot against a.silva

in shock right now jeez!

Good signing for strikeforce. They get a top tier fighter coming off a very high profile win on UFC's biggest card this year which adds further credibility to their roster.

Team Punishment Xx -  LOL!!

Mousasi would kill hendo haha


Huge signing for Strikeforce. Good signing for Hendo? Dunno. The biggest fights and paydays for him are in the UFC. But its their loss.

Seriously bad move on UFC's part. Screw Silva for playing his stupid whiney I don't want to fight guys I've beaten card.

Mans gotta eat.

War Hendo!

STRIKEFORCE! Like I said, doing big things and things will get bigger in 2010.

im i got no words.................................

thats awesome,,, strikeforce is really stepping up there game. For his first fight they should have him and Lawler scrap, that would be a barn burner.