HENDO signing with strikeforce!


 I feel bad now that I was so anti franklin-hendo 2

some hendo better than no hendo

I can't blame Hendo for being a little miffed.

The dude beat Vitor Belfort. Silva was dodging Hendo and said he shouldn't have to fight guys he's beaten.

He beat Bisping soundly.

Makes no sense to me.

Really good signing for Strikeforce. I am quite excited for this even though we do not get Silva/Hendo 2.

 That sux. Cant blame him for going for more money though.....fightens a bizness..

Wonder who they are gonna match him up with though.....

I mean best we get is Rogers for Fedor...?  Be great if somehow UFC landed Mousassi....but it would be better  if he could fight Hendo 1st...  In a perfect world...

TheVileOne - Huge signing for Strikeforce. Good signing for Hendo? Dunno. The biggest fights and paydays for him are in the UFC. But its their loss.

Seriously bad move on UFC's part. Screw Silva for playing his stupid whiney I don't want to fight guys I've beaten card.
Mir should've pulled that card against Lesnar.



Justinmacd - LOL The war is officially on.

What about Hendo/Fedor? Fedor isn't that much bigger. That would be the most marketable fight.

Crazy. I really didn't see this coming.

hhaha i was MOS DEF going to bring up this scenario...fedor drops to 205 for this fight or ? they just duke it out regardless?

"""Wonder who they are gonna match him up with though....."""

match him up with Lawler for his first fight, cant imagine that not being a great fight.

CretardsCrutch - Mir should've pulled that card against Lesnar.

Matt Hughes. Matt Serra.

This is awesome news for the sport.

whatever, if hes leaving cause he didnt get ANOTHER title shot oh well, he came in and got back to back title shots and did nothing with them(don't even give me "he looked good in the first round against silva", if looking good is being able to hold him down and do no damage to him yes he looked good).
Him vs mardquart would have been a better fight for him instead of Silva anyways.


EvilEye - 

but PISSED he didnt get a title shot against a.silva

See UFC 82.

meant rematch


 How soon is Dana gonna start slammin him, calling him "washed up", "can't win the big fight", "not really that good"?  I give it 2 days before Uncle Fester unleashes his wrath.

 ^^^good point beerbelly, you know thats comin

 he didn't deserve a title shot without beating Marquart, so if thats the reason he's gone, too fuckin bad.

I wonder how much Pride...err....I mean....Dream had to do with this.

 I'm surprised that Dan never signed with the MFC however.

 In my best Mike Goldberg voice: "Are......you.....kidding me?!?!?